The Hong Kong 2022 International Urban Forestry Conference successfully provided 1800+ participants all over the world a network to enjoy speeches and panel discussions in the area of Landscape Architecture, Arboriculture and Urban Greening, presented by renowned experts, academics and industry professionals from different countries. This two-day rewarding conference made use of video teleconferencing technologies which enabled the overseas speakers to present their speeches and researches and exchange ideas with other speakers and the moderators during panel discussions through the internet. The programme rundown was meticulously arranged with several entertaining videos including a handpan and a cappella performance are ingeniously included to embellish the theme of the conference and enhance the viewing experience of our audience. 95% of the audience were satisfied with the watching experience of this online conference. Simultaneous interpretation of English, Mandarin and Cantonese were provided during the conference.

As part of the Hong Kong 2022 International Urban Forestry Conference, two types of immersive activities (Forest Bathing and Tree Care Tour) were organised at Kowloon to provide opportunities for local participants to engage themselves with the urban natural environment, as well as listen to the knowledge of urban parks planning and tree care by local veteran landscape architects and arborists. The arrangements of both activities were highly appreciated by the participants, the guest instructors and the client.


Event planning & management
Programme planning & rundown
Video shooting & production
Instant audio & video monitoring
Live-streaming & broadcasting
Internet solutions
Pre-conference rehearsals and network testing
Simultaneous interpretation
MC sourcing, liaison and script preparation
Online promotion
Graphic and audio design
3D graphics rendering
Website building and maintenance
Online registration systems
Venue sourcing & booking
Venue set-up
Human resources management
Coordination of different parties for ad-hoc situations


March 28, 2022

Hong Kong 2022 International Urban Forestry Conference