Thinking that “how to be healthy” is a cliched discussion? Let’s see how Firebean broke-through this stereotyped mindset!:

  • In 2022, Firebean once again became a consultant of Central & Western DHCE for rebranding the centre to a youthful and down-to-earth health spot for residents.
    • In our innovative strategies, we organized ”仲夏Green嚟大笪地” Weekend Market at K-farm (堅農圃) in the last weekend of July 2022. This mid-summer market attracted thousands of local residents to visit and purchase a variety of local health products. Busking performances were specially programmed to enhance the atmosphere.
      • A remarkable point to highlight in this experience was that, Firebean, as a PR agency, successfully utilised our business network to line up local health product vendors to support this two-day event. Our professional PR and marketing expertise, together with the abundant business resources contributed this breakthrough to the traditional NGO’s business model.


Project scope:

  • Overall planning, preparation and coordination
  • Media invitation
  • Press release writing
  • Coordination with vendors
  • Visual design
  • Event production


August 5, 2022

仲夏Green嚟大笪地 Healthy Market